04 November 2011

Cosmic Knitting

I have completed absolutely nothing in the last week.  It's this blasted baby sweater-- it's like a black hole.  I knit and knit and knit and all the stitches just seem to disappear into an abyss where I never see them again.  

This thing was supposed to be size 6 months, turns out it's size 2T.  (This is my own fault, I never cease to cause myself problems over gauge.  I always think it will all work out.  It never does.  At least not how I think.)  This means that in order to make the thing long enough to fit 2T I had to add over 2 inches to the body and 2 inches to each of the sleeves.  This adds up to at least 5000 extra stitches than the 6M size would have required.  I'm telling myself it's ok because this way my son can wear it now and the baby can wear it in 2 years, so really it's kind of like Knit One--Get One Half Off.

I almost gave up and made this thing into a vest, but a minor miracle convinced me it was meant to be finished properly, sleeves and all.  See that 4 inch piece of yarn?

Yeah, that little tiny scrap.  That is the amount of yarn I had left in my skein when I finished knitting the entire body of the sweater.  Four inches.  It has to be some sort of cosmic sign-- maybe sent by the aforementioned black hole of knitting as a peace offering.  So I'm knitting on.

Still to be finished:

This thing, that still needs two buttons. And:

This sleep sack that needs two small buttons and a zipper for the bottom.  It's also supposed to get some i-cord around the armholes but I don't think that's happening.

For the road:

Line for the bank in San Lorenzo, Honduras.  We take a lot for granted here in the good old US of A, don't we?

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