27 October 2011

Forget It

I still haven't gotten the buttons put on the purple cardigan.  Well, I got 4 on there, but I still don't even have the other two in my possession.  And I'm feeling less and less motivated to do it because, by the way, if you try on four separate occasions to put a hand knit item on the recipient and said recipient, on four separate occasions, starts screaming, tears it off and throws it across the room, well you kind of want to hide the thing in a deep dark corner and let your great great grandchildren find it one day and let THEM treat it as a cherished heirloom.

So, onto brighter happier things.  I've gotten the baby quilt all laid out and managed to get two rows sewn up and then sewn to each other:

I'm very pleased about my progress so far-- and when I swaddle baby in this, he or she will be much too tiny and opinion-less to scream and throw this across the room, so I have high hopes that side of things will all work out.

I'm also going to move onto a new unfinished project-- the hippo doll for the baby.  I think I can get the whole thing done Sunday morning.  I'll need Jefferson free time because when I tried to sew this thing together before, distracted, I ended up sewing on a head that was clearly, obviously, without-a-doubt, way too small in proportion to the body.  (Turns out I forgot an entire round of increases).  Not only that but I sewed it on at 45 degrees to the other limbs, one of which limbs had been attached upside-down.  Here he is, currently headless:

Just got to finish fixing the size of the head, remove and flip the right leg, and attach the arm.  And then attach the ears and the tail.  I'm pretty sure I can do all that in two hours.  If I don't screw anything else up along the way.

For the road:

My sweet baby wearing a baby of his own--if we want the world to have wonderful fathers we have to start teaching them young : ) 


Anonymous said...

I love the "for the road" feature of your blog. Great idea. Good photos, too! Can't wait to see Mr. Hippo when he finally gets his head together. Mom

Maureen said...

Let's try it again. Great picture of German and Jefferson at the beach.