20 October 2011

Picture Some Pants

I FINALLY got a new charger for my camera battery.  It's been 4 months since ours disappeared; the real bummer being that 3 of those months were in Honduras so essentially everything that happened while I was there is stored only in my mind, most of which (my mind, that is) has been erased and muddled and written over by 3rd trimester baby-growing hormones.

But the joy of it is that I have updated my Ravelry projects page with lots of pleasant photos.  And I also have photos here, today, on this computer, that I can share with you.

So for blogging pleasure I have a picture of my almost completed Kanoko pants.  

DSC05974 by justmakeitshort
DSC05974, a photo by justmakeitshort on Flickr.

I wove in all the ends yesterday and then promptly realized that I left this particular skein-mainder in Honduras.  So I don't know what I'm gonna do to hem down the waistband for the elastic cause I have nothing here that even remotely matches this yarn.......  I guess I have until tomorrow night to figure it out.

For the road:

One great memory that did manage to make it back from Honduras in one piece.

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