19 October 2011

Let's Begin At The Quitting Point

I think this blog should start off with a list of my unfinished projects as I'm currently feeling very motivated to get them all finished up. I really am not the type to leave things to languish, it just irks me to no end knowing that all that time and money and effort is sitting in a dark corner of a closet or at the bottom of a blue Tupperware bin.

 I'm also very ready to start expanding into a wider variety of crafts and I'd like to clear out at least some of my old stuff before I start taking on new genres of creation. 

So here goes (percentages are for work remaining):

Bamboo quilt (50%)
Purple zigzag quilt (35%)
Baby quilt (75%)
Ottobre fitteds (50%) Abandoned

Interweave silk tank (no idea, it's been so long)
Jefferson's purple cardigan (10%)
Baby's Christmas sweater (80%)
Purple lace gloves (85%) Abandoned
Cotton sleep sack (10%)
Kanoko pants (15%)
Ruffle scarf (60%)
Baby's hippo doll (25%)

Think I've gotta tackle the baby projects first. This ones due in just a few weeks and it sure would be dumb if I didn't have this stuff ready. So that settles it, the goal is to have the Kanoko pants finished by the end of Jeffersons nap time Friday.

Be back soon, hopefully with some pictures of all the stuff featured in the list.

P.S. I AM on an iPad so I'm missing a few apostrophes wherever they haven't been automatically inserted. I'm normally quite a stickler for proper punctuation, but nap time is precious time and Im refusing to be bothered. After you have a kid, every sleeping second counts.

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