23 October 2011

One Down

It seems I haven't had a spare second the last three days and I've been wanting to post finished pictures of my Kanoko baby pants.  I did get them finished Friday night.  (A bit behind schedule since I used Jefferson's nap time to take a nap of my own.)  I ended up using the sewing machine to hem down the waistband and it turned out perfectly.  You can hardly even see the stitches.

And here they are modeled on Monster.

He does his best.  But he has no legs, so........

Next item I'm tackling from my unfinished projects list will be the purple Andalusia cardigan for Jefferson. 

All that's left are the buttons.  I bought four buttons, but of course with my brain as mushy as it is right now I didn't actually have the cardigan WITH me when I bought them.  So I didn't realize I actually need SIX buttons.  The goal now is to get two more buttons....and then get all six sewn on by Monday night.  I am also making bits of progress on the baby quilt when I get a few minutes here and there.  This is the very charming Little Apples collection by Aneela Hoey, purchased as a jelly roll.

I finished pressing all the squares yesterday.  After posting this I will arrange the layout since I only have about 30 minutes left before "Namma" and "Dampa" bring Jefferson home from church.

For the road:

Proof that ice cream is the ultimate dessert, no matter the temperature.

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